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Our company aims to develop a versatile and cost-effective group of carrier materials with suitable properties including material, morphology, and porosity for the immobilization of ligands such as polypeptides and glycoproteins. By incorporating more selective ligands, our objective is to achieve the miniaturization and cost reduction of medical adsorption devices, thereby promoting the wider adoption of blood adsorption therapy and improving the quality of life for patients.

Business Profile

By developing adsorbents that can selectively remove substances related to immune diseases and using these absorbents to design blood adsorption devices, our company aim to work towards a society in which anyone can receive safe, affordable treatment anywhere and at any time.

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Japan Hemotech Co., Ltd.
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Japan Hemotech has a total of 4 locations
1) Main office, 2) Yokohama Research Institute,
3) Hachioji Factory, and 4) Yokohama Sales office.
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